The secret of longevity, according to the 111-year-old

Dexter Krueger He is Australia’s oldest living man, and is currently celebrating 111 years in a nursing home. Despite this astonishing achievement, Krueger, born on January 13, 1910, says this year’s celebration will be very limited due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean he will enjoy the event less. Revealed what a The secret of a long life.

Dexter Krueger. Photo: 7news Facebook

Kruger is often asked the secret of longevity. ‘No secret’ He said warmly, then added that breathing and eating three meals a day didn’t matter.

The man sings and whistles regularly and eats half a dozen shrimp a day, and in the evening he often eats sardines for soup.

Although he suffered many evils during the past century, he steadfastly watched the positive events that he witnessed during his long life. These, like the first use of the phone, which he called “magic,” he says outweigh the negatives by far.

Meet the oldest person in Australia, Dexter Krueger. Today he celebrates his 111th birthday, which started with …

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Therefore, fish is healthy

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