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The record was chosen – and not even one series has been translated into so many languages ​​- 777

The record was chosen – and not even one series has been translated into so many languages ​​- 777

The popular series about the life of Jesus is already available in 50 languages, with plans to dub or translate it into hundreds more.

Nowadays, the viewership of translated programs has increased significantly, but there are few programs that have been dubbed into multiple languages. Little profit comes from synchronization. However, this does not affect non-profit organizations such as the Come and See Foundation.

By the way, Netflix can sync its content in about thirty languages. For example, the television series Baywatch has been translated into 34 languages, which was the record until Come and See began dubbing Chosen.

Come and see aims to


Chosen to reach a billion people to bring them closer to the Christian faith.

In addition to the current 50 languages, it is scheduled to be translated into 550 other languages. It takes approximately 3-5 months to translate one season of a show into a new language. In order to speed up the process, master translators cooperate with other organizations specialized in translation. By the way, the parts that have already been dubbed are selected In the application Available.

As with Bible translation projects, preference was given to the most widely spoken languages. However, there are exceptions, such as the translation into Malagasy in 2023, which was treated as a priority at the request of the President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina. Rajoelina had seen Chosen and wanted everyone in the country to see it.

Kyle Young, head of marketing at The Chosen, said the series has already reached 200 million viewers. Viewership outside the US is already higher than viewership in the US. The show has become particularly popular in Brazil, Mexico, India, Poland and the Philippines.

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“We have seen tremendous growth for The Chosen around the world,” he said. “If the translation business is bad, we certainly won't see much interest. This is an important factor in international success.”

“We pray that God will use this television series to make a significant impact around the world, and that as many people as possible will know the hope that can only be found in Jesus,” said Rick Dempsey Sr., vice president of Come and. be seen.

While translating, they work with pastors, Bible translators, and Bible scholars who speak the specific language. According to Dempsey, for consistency, the specific biblical passage should be translated into the known version of the Bible in the local language.

The Chosen is expected to have three more seasons, after which it will end.

The series will continue to be translated into 550 other languages ​​for years to come. According to the creators, it's worth it, because the series is more than just a show. People who watch can become not just fans but followers of Jesus.

source: Christianity today, Axiom

Cover image: Al-Mukhtar

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