The new Netflix series, which Hungarians have also worked on, received a crazy preview

The new Netflix series, which Hungarians have also worked on, received a crazy preview

Netflix’s streaming service, which is also available in Hungary, was announced in early January Love, death and robots An animated anthology called Hollywood Cannons arrives dead Poolfilm director Tim Miller or David Fincher.

a Love, death and robots An anthology that combines short animated films, in which not only different visual styles but also literary genres mix, so we can also expect fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy. The mixed squad has now reached a somewhat crazy preview, showing that a series of incredibly varied episodes are actually coming on March 15th.

The series will run to 18 episodes, and the creators have invited animators from around the world to co-create the anthologies – including the Hungarian team for Digic Pictures. The Andy Vagna And the Alex Sindor Rap The company, which employs hundreds of people, mainly produces 3D animation and CGI scenes Terminator 3 Also in some scenes), but so far we’ve seen more of their actions when we sit in front of a popular video game.

In recent years, the Hungarian team has made videos for popular programs like Mass effect 3, a Halo 4, Az Doctrine killerA series of several episodes The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a watch dogs, a Final Fantasy XV, Az Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, a Kevin SpaceyT-Parade of the main enemy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Or it was released last year Call of Duty WWII.

It is not yet known exactly how many episodes the Hungarian team has participated in, but once we know more about the collaboration, we will report it immediately.

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