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The new Netflix app turns your phone into a console

The new Netflix app turns your phone into a console

The streaming provider’s game catalog will also be available on TV.

Netflix entered the video game business in the fall of 2021, in practice resulting in subscribers gaining access to an ever-growing selection of mobile games, in both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The service, also backed by the acquisition of two development studios, now boasts more than 60 titles, and the next big step for the platform will be to make the fun available on TVs beyond the screens of mobile phones and tablets.

A precursor to this is the Netflix Game Controller app, which recently appeared on the App Store. The app, which has a rather hardcore user interface, turns our phone into a wireless controller, so once connected, we can freely control Netflix games with it.

At the time of writing, the Netflix Game Controller is only available in the Apple App Store, but aside from downloading, you can’t do much with it on iPhones either, because TV games connected to it won’t start. However, according to the description of the application, this will be done “soon”, so it may happen that the program will be useful soon.

When you launch the app, you are currently greeted with a screen asking you to select a game on your TV. From this it becomes clear that the individual elements will appear directly on the TV screen, and we will not have to launch them from the mobile application. Additionally, at the bottom of the screen, Netflix warns that the service is only a beta version and is not compatible with “certain devices.”

In other words, even if TV games start, we certainly won’t be able to enjoy them initially on all devices that also run the Netflix app.

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