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The indicator – the economy – the government has transferred tens of billions of forints, and Balatonhini can be happy

The indicator – the economy – the government has transferred tens of billions of forints, and Balatonhini can be happy

The government made one-time transfers with immediate effect, affecting HUF 11.9 billion. Which, according to the larger clauses, HUF 1 billion will be deducted from operational support for general tasks of local governments, and HUF six billion from the amount of development and research programs in foreign affairs. In addition, the volume of investments of companies under the Ministry of Economic Development was also reduced by 3.7 billion HUF.

It revealed that most of this money goes to the Hungarian National Assets Management for Real Estate Investments, with a total of HUF 3.6 billion. Hungarian newspaper from the last issue.

But the biggest amount of money goes to the Eötvös Lóránd research network in the amount of more than 6.5 billion Hungarian forints.

The Ministry of Energy also receives 1 billion HUF for sustainability tasks and the provision of utility services.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance receives a total of HUF 30.8 billion for the category of exceptional government measures. Of this amount, HUF 260 million will be used to support rainwater drainage in the industrial zone in Debrecen, but the national non-profit sports agency ZRT will also receive HUF 4.1 billion. The National Ambulance Service will receive HUF 10.5 billion.

The Gábor Bethlen Fund receives almost the same amount as the ambulances, a total of HUF 9.6 billion.

The reallocation did not end here, as more than HUF 80 billion were withdrawn from the Public Protection Fund. The bulk of the sum was taken from subsidies to state-owned enterprises, worth nearly HUF 70 billion. Of this amount, the National Water Works Company obtained the largest share, amounting to a total of 63 billion.

But it should not go without saying that HUF 232 million was also released to the Municipality of Balatonheny without a separate application and application, as a non-refundable individual grant. This amount will be used to renovate and expand the settlement’s cultural center.

The government also ordered that the training of the Italian school system and the training of fixed-wing aircraft pilots for the Hungarian Defense Forces be funded from the budget of the Ministry of Defence. Moreover, it authorized the Ministry to make commitments of HUF 40.465 million euros (more than HUF 15.4 billion) for this purpose between 2024 and 2026.