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The hockey tournament started with great Canadian success –

The hockey tournament started with great Canadian success –

Although the official opening will only take place on Friday, the first competitions at the Beijing Winter Olympics are already taking place. The women’s hockey tournament also started with four games.

Crowd of people in front of the Swiss Gate (Photo: AFP)

He was a Group 1 silver medalist at the previous Olympics Canadian national team neatly started Switzerland Against, because he already led 3-0 in the first period, and after two innings he had eight strikeouts. The Swiss scored their goal of honor in the closing season, but conceded 12 goals in total.

In the other match of Group A Defending Native American Heroes Scored two goals each in the first two halves for the Finns. In the end, they let it go a bit, so the European team won the last trophy 2-1, but there was no moment of doubt in the success of the Americans.

In the opening match of the second host group They are Chinese Czech Republic Which made it to the Olympics ahead of the Hungarian national team in qualifying. In the match, the Czechs took the lead in the first half and scored once in each period, while the hosts managed to do the same only in the middle of the period, so the European team won the match. It may come as a surprise that Japan beat Sweden 3-1. The match was decided in the final third when the Asians scored two goals.

Winter Olympics, Beijing 2022

Ice Hockey, Women’s Group Tour. Round 1
the group
Canada – Switzerland 12-1
(3–0, 5–0, 4–1)
USA and Finland 5-2 (2–0, 2–0, 1–2)
Group B
Czech Republic – China 3-1
(1–0, 1–1, 1–0)
Sweden and Japan 1-3 (0–1, 1–0, 0–2)

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NemZiti Sport report: Gergli Cohan, Erika Kovacs (text), Karoly Orfai (photo)

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