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The Great Powers Battle Against Each Other in the BRICS Group – Is the Organization in Peril?

The Great Powers Battle Against Each Other in the BRICS Group – Is the Organization in Peril?

India and Brazil fear losing their influence within the BRICS group, and therefore they are wary of the idea of ​​expansion. According to them, the annexation of new countries would contribute to increasing Chinese influence. Last year, China urged faster expansion, but the Indian government urged calm. They see it as a lengthy task to locate contact details. According to analysts

All BRICS members want to reform the current international order, but creating a completely new world order is more in the interests of Beijing and Moscow.

According to Brazilian analysts, the main defender of the organization is China, followed by Russia. roadblock The votes of Brazil and India are much lower, and it is not in their interest to lose their influence in the BRICS group.

BRICS is the organization that brings together the large emerging economies, which attempts to act as a counter pole to the already existing large – Western – economic organizations. loose alliance currently It covers 43% of the world’s population, 30% of the global economy, and 26% of the world’s land.

It is expected that the weight of the BRICS countries will increase in the future even without the expansion of the organization.

Until now, the grouping of countries has often been described as a counterweight to the G-7 (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Canada, Germany, and Italy). However, according to Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, India’s foreign minister, the group cannot compete with the G7. The reason for this is that As long as the G-7 is in some kind of military alliance, this is unthinkable due to the security tensions between the BRICS countries.

In the recent period, India has strengthened its relations much more in the face of the growth of Chinese influence. It has entered into cooperation with the United States, Japan, Australia and the European Union, and is an active member of the security policy organization QUAD.

BRICS leaders in Johannesburg next month We will meetIt is also likely to raise the question of which countries intend to join. However, the parties should handle this matter with caution, as it could lead to another break in the already frosty relationship between Beijing and New Delhi. If new countries join after the meeting, it will illustrate the growth of China’s strength in the organization’s leadership.

Eight countries want to join the bloc: Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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