The free steam decks were delivered by the head of Valve

The free steam decks were delivered by the head of Valve

While he personally shipped the handheld console to some pre-orders.

Handheld Steam Deck deliveries for the fastest pre-orders began Monday, but re-updated reports prove security camera footage according to A hand controller already showed up on some pre-orders in Seattle on Saturday, and they were notified in advance of its arrival.

Gabe Newell is heading home to pre-order with Steam DeckSource: bitfiddler0 / Reddit

Early deliveries and the weekend alone would be a little weird, but the exceptional delivery was none other than Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve. There was some sort of promotional reason for this, the heroic customer service was depicted by a smaller crew, and a promotional video supposedly omitted from the reactions of the stunned players.

Most of them had a good chance of getting to know the “courier man”.

Another curiosity is that Newell played Santa Claus over the weekend, and when he left a client’s house, the young renters next door realized he had sprayed them with a Steam platform in the crosshairs of cameras outside of Love Neighborhood.

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