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The fall exhibition of Etta S. Surprise the audience at the House of Sciences and Arts with an exhibition

The fall exhibition of Etta S.  Surprise the audience at the House of Sciences and Arts with an exhibition

At the opening of the exhibition organized by Bács-Kiskun Vármegyei TIT, the painter’s husband, Imre Strazi, greeted the audience, then Balint Kovacs, a student at Piarista High School, recited a poem, and András Sotos played the accordion.

The exhibition was organized by Dr. It was opened by Vice Dean Árpád Szenczi, a teacher at Károli Gáspár Református University, who paid tribute to the artist’s life and works. Not long ago, in May, another exhibition by Etta S. Vago opened in Tortillin, close to the artist’s birthplace, where she was born in Kosher, he said. In his childhood, he lived with his parents in the Kutyakaparó Csárda building in Kocsér, which was an inspiration for Sándor Petőfi. The experiences he gained during his childhood instilled in him a lifelong love of the Great Plain and the world of his farm. This connection is considered one of the pillars of his creative motivation to this day. Countless of his paintings evoke the unique values ​​and atmosphere of the rural farm world that is almost disappearing these days. It can also be seen in the painting “Dog Scratch” in this exhibition. Dr. Arpad Senzi also quoted the creator’s thoughts: He grew up in a beautiful and prosperous agricultural world, where people are still open to each other. There is no trace of this in today’s world of technology. People are becoming more and more closed off. Through his paintings depicting his homeland, he tries to open these gates a little.

He also added: It was Etta S. Vagu is a teacher herself, and besides drawing, she had many students whom she successfully trained and started her artistic career. At the end of the greeting, he presented the work individually.

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