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The European far-right scandal continues: another party breaks away from German far-right extremists

The European far-right scandal continues: another party breaks away from German far-right extremists

It is clear that the leadership of the Social Democratic Party distances itself from and condemns the contradictory statements of representatives of the AfD, who in their statements defend the activities of former members of the SS.

Our statist stated.

He said: Such statements are completely unacceptable to the movement.

The Social Democratic Party supports and fully follows the steps announced by Marine Le Pen, President of the French National Rally, in this regard.

Al pointed out Tomio Okamura Spokesman for the Czech-led movement

The French and then the Czech side as well Maximilian's arm In response to the interview conducted by the German European Parliament representative and leader of the Alternative for Germany electoral list, which was published in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica and the English Financial Times. Maximilian Krah claimed that all members of the former Nazi elite unit, the SS, could not be automatically considered guilty.

I would never say that anyone who wore an SS uniform was automatically a criminal. Among the 900,000 members of the SS there were many farmers. It is certain that there is a large percentage of criminals, but not only them

Krah told La Repubblica newspaper.

The Social Democratic Party is a member of the Identity and Democracy (ID) group in the European Parliament. Representatives of the faction will participate in the Social Democratic Party's election event in Prague on Thursday. The parliamentary movement opposing the Social Democratic Party is participating in the European Parliament elections with the non-parliamentary Tricolora movement.

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In the previous European elections, the movement led by Tomio Okamura received 9 percent and won two seats in the European Parliament. one of their representatives, Heynek Blasko However, he left the Social Democratic Party in 2022. The movement is therefore currently represented in Strasbourg only by Yvan David, the former Minister of Health.

The Czech Republic has 21 seats in the European Parliament. European Parliament elections are scheduled to be held in the Czech Republic on June 7-8.

Cover image: European Parliament list of the AfD in a sample ballot. Source: Arne Didert/Image Alliance via Getty Images

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