Inspectors developed a rash, scratchy throat, and sore mouth at the factory. According to their decision, the stench emanating from the battery processor could easily reach the apartment buildings on the other side of Route 21.

In 2022, the SungEel Kft battery processing plant operating in Bátonytereny will be charged with four warnings and eight fines. At the factory it is transparent According to his previous report, a fire broke out, and a milling machine caught fire, And the newspaper is now writing about itIt was reported that an inspection of the processor took place on March 30, months before the June 9 fire.

According to the report, the inspectors found serious deficiencies during the investigation as they imposed a fine of HUF 31.2 million on the waste management company. the of a criminal decision It turns out:

A strong smell of the solvent could be felt in the workshop, and the specialists who conducted the examination experienced “irritation of the skin and mucous membranes (rash, redness, itchy throat, symptoms of stomatitis)”.

However, the government office specialists also wore a special half mask during the inspection. However, according to their decision, the strong smell of the solvent could also be felt outside the site, and according to them, the stench could also reach the apartment buildings on the other side of Route 21.

In addition, inspectors found more than a thousand metal barrels in the factory area, which contained waste stored without a permit. The factory workers were unable to ascertain the source of the waste, nor could they determine its exact amount.


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