In video, they are trying to set fire to a Chinese restaurant

In video, they are trying to set fire to a Chinese restaurant

There hasn’t been much harm to businesses in Northern California, but the trend is worrisome.

Security cameras were recorded as someone tried to set fire to a Chinese restaurant in the United States.

On March 31, at around 11 p.m., the unknown man arrived in Northern California Antiochpan To the shop, he lit a welding lamp and left it leaning against the building. According to the camera footage, he returned to the device after twenty minutes.

The case video was announced by ABC7 News, Dion Lim Share it on his Instagram page. On behalf of the store owners, Alice Maeen spoke to the reporter, saying that the family has been running the restaurant for more than twenty years and has only been split into four times in the past year. However, trying to set a fire at work is by far the most frightening case of all.

Fortunately, a small fire broke out in the shop, and the saboteur failed to do much damage.

Although (yet?) There is no evidence of this, Alice says arson can easily be categorized as a racist attack on Asian Americans, which has become more and more common in recent times.

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