A 30-year-old man was arrested in Missouri, but it was a difficult birth for the American police, as one of the slowest car chases in history occurred before him.

The precedents of the scene suitable for comedy were not revealed, but it is certain that even a barbed wire was used against the driver of the Kia Optima. As a result, he suffered punctures on all four tires, but refused to stop even after that; He kept going, but practically at a running pace – or even slower.

A whole convoy of civilian police cars surrounded the car, and as you can see in the “chase” video, one of the policemen managed to wave to those standing on the side of the road. Video created by For Riverfront Times At first he thought there was a funeral procession, but the “runaway” Optima rolled in front of his tire shop, then crashed into him again, he said.

After a while, the authorities got tired of the speed competition, so they stopped the driver and detained him about ten kilometers from the aforementioned workshop, but they did not explain what charges he would be held accountable for.