The deadline for submission of applications for incorporation in Great Britain has passed

Britain on January 31 last year Leave the European UnionHowever, EU citizens who have legally and habitually settled in the country until December 31, 2020, the end of an eleven-month transition period after the end of British membership in the European Union (Brexit), can continue to retain all of their acquired rights. However, they had to apply for an indefinite residence permit, known officially as fixed status.

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Applications can be submitted to Home Office Immigration and Visas by midnight UK time, primarily on the dedicated online interface or using an application that can also be downloaded on mobile devices.

Those with settled status will be able to work and study in the UK on Thursday under the same conditions, and access services from the UK’s free public healthcare system and other social benefits. The same applies to those who have submitted their application for a fixed position by the deadline but have not yet been notified of the outcome of the assessment.

If the application was submitted successfully, then everyone received an official certificate, this certificate also guarantees the rights fully acquired for the period until the evaluation. According to the Ministry of the Interior Nearly 400,000 creation requests are still pending.

EU citizens who meet the requirements for UK status in all respects but have missed the midnight deadline of Wednesday will still have the opportunity to apply, but they must explain with good reason why they have applied after the deadline and the UK authorities will in such a case decide on an individual basis.

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Close relatives of EU citizens living abroad in the UK before December 31 last year can apply at any time to join their family members living in the UK. Detailed instructions on how to apply for this were published by the UK government on Thursday at It can be visited online. Conditions include that the family relationship must have been established by December 31, 2020.

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From the first day of this year, new immigration regulations will apply to new arrivals from EU and non-EU countries, especially in terms of skills and qualifications. It uses a system of registration criteria based on English language skills to assess incorporation applications, regardless of whether the applicant is from the European Union or elsewhere. However, under the new rules, holders of the most prestigious international scientific and artistic awards, such as the Nobel Prize or the Oscar, can obtain a residence and work permit in the UK under a simplified procedure.

According to the latest summary from the UK Home Office, 5,605,800 citizens from 27 EU member states living in the UK have applied for settled status by May 31. At the top of the list are Poles and Romanians with over 975,000 and 920,000 applications for candidacy, respectively. According to the latest statistics from the British Home Office More than 140,000 Hungarian citizens have submitted incorporation applications to the Ministry.


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