The British health service is forecasting the worst winter ever

The British healthcare system is in serious trouble, and National Health Service leaders have spread alarming news about a lack of beds, a shortage of people, and delays in ambulances.

Daily Mail Fears that the British healthcare system could face a very bad winter appear justified.

The entire system is chronically understaffed, hospitals are short of beds, and ambulances are taking too long to get to patients.

One in three (23,999) patients admitted to hospital last week were reported to have waited at least half an hour instead of the standard 15 minutes.

There are currently 133,000 healthcare vacancies in England, according to National Health Service (NHS) figures. The Royal College of Emergency Medicine said the number of deaths across the UK was higher than normal last week, with another 900 people dying.

He added that there are many reasons for this,

But problems with emergency care may have contributed to a quarter of the excess deaths.

The NHS says new data shows the care system is facing a massive storm, and they expect a tougher winter than ever. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also spoke, stating that he will meet NHS leaders soon, because a solution must be found for plans to reduce waiting time for ambulances to be effective.

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