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Jennifer Lopez cut bangs, and you wouldn’t even recognize it

Jennifer Lopez cut bangs, and you wouldn’t even recognize it

There is no question for anyone that Jennifer Lopez His place is on stage and there he will stay for a long time. She knew at a very early age that she wanted to be a singer and dancer, so she started studying at a dance school in New York almost 10 years before she gained international fame, but at that time she was still performing in clubs in Manhattan, and she herself didn’t think that soon The whole world will be at her feet in front of you. Today, we don’t just play her songs on the outside, but look forward to her public appearances with eager eyes, because the 53-year-old singer’s beauty tricks have something for everyone. Jennifer Lopez is single now Bangs He cast his vote, which he offered to the world.

She looks younger than that

It’s hard to believe that one of America’s most famous singers and actresses is 53-years-old, and her new engagement proves she can deny at least another ten years of her life. Jennifer Lopez shared a close-up on Instagram With 250 million followers In a post about her new hairstyle, where she featured bangs.

Jennifer captioned the post ‘Bang bang’ and among the hashtags she mentioned her upcoming album, which is called ‘This is me now’.

Jennifer Lopez flashed her most perfect nails in the world at the Grammys

Jennifer Lopez flashed her most perfect nails in the world at the Grammys

Your skincare brand Next to JLo is marked the specialist to whom she owes her new hairstyle. As Lorenzo Martin, hairstylist for The Wall Group, proudly showed his followers his masterpiece:

Queen of thick hair

We already know a thousand faces of Jennifer Lopez, but one thing is for sure: She’s the first celebrity that comes to mind when we hear the word rich hair. Together with her hairstylist, Chris Appleton, they created beauty moments that will surely be remembered for a long time — like the Super Bowl halftime performance with singer Shakira.

The talented hair artist is active on social media and does not hesitate to share her tricks. For example, I recently showed how to totally up the pace with a simple ponytail for the richest effect possible.

Rich hair isn’t just Jennifer Lopez’s prerogative — here are 3 tricks from her hairstylist

Rich hair isn't just Jennifer Lopez's prerogative — here are 3 tricks from her hairstylist

Delicate work requires effective help!

Of course, it largely depends on the hair type how long a carefully prepared hairstyle stays perfectly in place, but if you really want to be sure, it wouldn’t hurt to include hair spray in your hair styling routine. Both for bangs and for creating voluminous hair, a prerequisite is to maintain hair elasticity and room for movement, so be sure to choose a product that, in addition to fixing hair strands, allows your hair to move freely! Don’t forget to protect your hair from heat damage, so always use a heat protectant spray before blow-drying and styling!

1. KEVIN MURPHY 9239 HUF Hairspray Flex Hairspray / 400 ml (23.09 HUF / 1 ml) 2. TRESEMMÉ 1969 HUF Volumizing Hair Spray / 400 ml 3. Cult-Favorite Hair Spray COLOR WOW 10900 HUF / 295 ml (36.94 HUF / 1 ml) )

picture: cheerfulness

We show you the tricks that stars use to achieve a flawless hairstyle:

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