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The Australian Formula 1 player is doing well

Daniel Ricciardo considers his young compatriots Oscar Biastrete and Jack Doohan to be very promising riders. While the former won the Formula 2 championship in 2021, the latter finished second in the Formula 3 championship and had already tasted F2 throughout the two races of the weekends.

Since Mark Webber retired from Formula One in 2013, Ricciardo has been the only driver on the Formula 1 grid to represent Australia. While there is no doubt that Ricciardo wants to leave Formula One, it is certain that the Australians will not have to worry for long about whether they will have a Formula One racer, as two young racers are knocking on the door.

Closer to that achievement is Oscar Piastre, who is already in the F1 Alps after this year’s F2 Championship. He will be a reserve rider.

It is understandable, then, that Ricciardo sees a bright future for Australians in Formula 1.

‘Australians in front row via Biastery and Jack, so Australia looks promising’ – quoted Ricciardót A

“I am very happy with that”.

Many of them have reached Formula One as champions in F2 before, such as George Russell or Charles Leclerc.

Not only did Piastre become a smooth champion, but he also dominated the last F2 season, which Ricciardo said he wasn’t expecting.

When asked if he has been affected by Biastri’s dominance in F2, Ricciardo replied, “Yes, insanely. I don’t think anyone expected that. Fighting for the title is one thing, but winning comfortably is unbelievable.”

“I think people knew he was talented, I knew that, but I don’t think anyone would expect him to dominate the way he does.”

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