America has once again pulled out something that will be very upsetting to China

We wrote yesterday that three US Senators (including Democrats and Republicans) will visit Taiwan on Sunday. The United States does not maintain a traditional diplomatic relationship with the island because it considers it its own territory, despite the fact that the Chinese Communist Party, which leads the People’s Republic, has no influence over Taiwan and has had no

Reuters now writes that shortly after arriving on the island, a senator announced that 750,000 coronavirus vaccines would be administered to Taiwan.

The Taiwanese leadership recently complained that mainland China is actively trying to prevent the purchase of the vaccine from Taiwan, so the US move has the value of a strong message. It would be more than surprising if the Chinese Communist Party did not speak out against such a move because it sees any such move as interference in China’s internal affairs. – He did this when Japan donated vaccines to Taiwan.

In addition to humanitarian aid, the move has the value of essential messages on the part of the United States, especially after Taiwan has complained about the barriers the Chinese have raised to procurement.

The US government announced last week that it would help foreign countries with their existing stockpile of vaccines. You can do all this because there is now a huge oversupply of vaccines in the country, as vaccination is growing very slowly due to the huge rejection of vaccines. In the country, 51% of the population has received at least one vaccination.

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