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The 37-year-old defender and 39-year-old goalkeeper have signed an extension with Honved

The 37-year-old defender and 39-year-old goalkeeper have signed an extension with Honved

The second-division club’s website reports that two regulars, Thomas Tugel and Ivan Lovric, continue to strengthen the Budapest Honvéd football team.

Ivan Lovric, 37, can still prove himself in Kispest (Picture: Peter Kovacs)

The Hungarian goalkeeper will continue his career in Budapest Honvéd, With Thomas crowned. The 39-year-old signed for Kispest on August 29, 2019, and has since kept goal in 84 matches, playing a total of 22 of 67 NB I matches, 15 Hungarian Cup and two Europa League qualifiers without conceding. Goal.

I’ve been able to experience a lot in the short four years I’ve been here, with huge successes and unspeakably tragic moments as well.said on the club’s website Goalkeeper. – Regardless, I feel that although relegation cannot be accommodated, it is our duty to look forward and focus on getting Honved back to where it belongs – in the top flight.”

The other player to extend his contract is Croatian Ivan Lovric, who arrived in Kispesest in the winter of 2011 and, with the exception of a long way in Keskemét, has been supporting Honvéd for more than a decade. The 37-year-old defender is already an old “piece of furniture” in Honvéd, he got to the club earlier than the youth in the academy, so he has already experienced a lot over the past ten years.

I thought during the break I want to help the team, I want to help the youth, I can still play, I’m excited and I admit that even in difficult situations you have to be there for Honvéd – confirmed Ivan Lovrich, after Budapest Honvéd extended his contract (again). – I would like to contribute to recovery. The decision to stay with Honved for another season was not difficult. It doesn’t matter if I play five or ten minutes or I’m on the field all the time, the only thing that matters is that I help the club. I do not deny it, I have suffered from relegation many times, goodbye was a very bad feeling, unfortunately the last period did not go well for us, the difficult months and seasons are behind us. In the end, we did not succeed in escaping. So now the situation is new, Honvéd is new, but it is clear to me that Honvéd is not an NB II team, we have a place in the first division, and we have to work hard for it.

Gergely Kuhn, Managing Director of the Budapest Defense Force, commented on the contract extension as follows:

“We have a lot of talented young players, and routine is essential with them. It’s important that stability, experience and of course the heart of the armed forces are present in the dressing room. We want to promote these values ​​even more. Ivan Lovric and Thomas Tuggel have proven during tumultuous and difficult seasons that they work with Honvéd and can help the team.” With their knowledge, their morale and their play, we are counting on both of our regular footballers for the long term.”

Meanwhile, five people left Kispesti, Luca Cabane, Richlord Ennen, Vidar Johnson, Lucas Clemens, and Tamas Christian left the club.

Summer game action in Budapest Honvéd
Access: Adorjan Krisztian
(Budapest)Milan Horvat (Siófok – back from loan), Nicholas Kovacs (pax), David Laszlo (Szentlőrinc – return from loan), Maxim Bukhtjev (Ukrainian, Mosonmagyaróvár – return from loan)
Departure: Luca Cabane (Croatian, ?), Duke Albee (Albanian, KF Tirana – Albania), Richlord Enin (Canadian, Spartaks Jurmala – Latvia – returned from loan), Feder Johnson (Icelandic, ?), Lucas Clemens (polishing, ?), Krisztian Tamás (Ujpest)

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