The 16-year-old daughter of Janos Kobor got the main role

Léna Kóbor will be the new main character in the musical Omega, that is, she will sing her father’s songs on stage.

Lena Kopoor, the 16-year-old daughter of Janos Kopoor, replaces the pregnant Vicki Pekevi in ​​the musical Omega, The Song of the Pearly Girl, we can see her on stage for the first time on June 2 at the Virtorakos Cave Theatre.

The musical’s production manager, Tibor Vona, said that Léna had already auditioned for several auditions and, according to him, “she’s matured into the role of Kriszta” — thus her inclusion is much more than a PR ploy.

Lena wanderedSource: pepper

“Recently, at the invitation of Tibor Vona, my mother and I went to Casa and saw the musical Omega. I must admit, I was touched by the performance and the experience you gave me. The last time I heard Omega’s songs in the arena in 2019. I’m not ashamed, I cried right there in The auditorium. So that I can watch the play with admiration, knowing that I will soon be able to appear in it too. I know that many people smile, but my father is always here with me. I can feel him. He helps me from above, encourages me, and I am sure he is proud of me. Also because of him I do it. Because of him I accept the rehearsals, the competition, and because of him I’m on stage in the musical Omega “- Tell Lena Kopoor for Blikk.

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