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Test of the Chinese Dongfeng DF6 pickup. Test of the Chinese Dongfeng DF6 pickup

Test of the Chinese Dongfeng DF6 pickup. Test of the Chinese Dongfeng DF6 pickup

15,418 km was enough to wear out the stop and start inscription on the start button, which is not a technical problem and just a detail, but it does not reinforce our belief in the car’s durability. The engine is quite quiet when cold, and the four-cylinder D-Max accelerates more strongly.

At the rear, the solid axle follows the ground for a long time, and the articulation ability of the rear axle is good

I haven't sat in a new car in a long time that doesn't burden my neural pathways with any kind of driver support system. There is no need to turn off the assistant that adapts to the middle of the lane, detects lane departure or makes noise due to speed. It is refreshing to sit in and go peacefully.

It feels like an old pickup truck as new as new, although it shakes like other off-road flatbed trucks when unloaded. A peaceful and self-confident animal, I loved to drive it, I felt especially at home on the country road, where the power reserves are enough for quick overtaking, the speed has not yet shown the limits of the chassis and the consumption remains around 8.8 liters. Per 100 km.

In terms of length, the DF 6 is also quite large, but its width is much smaller than its increasingly wider rivals. The recently tested D-Max is just 2cm wider, but the Amarok takes up 6.7cm more space, the Grand Musso takes up 10cm more space, and the Ford Ranger with Wildtrak version takes up 5cm more space at the edge. It is precisely this difference that makes driveways and parking spaces uncomfortably narrow.

It is difficult to break into Hungary with an expensive Chinese car 122

Its width is smaller than that of increasingly wide competitors. It's this difference that makes aisles and parking spaces uncomfortably tight in other pickup trucks

If the Dongfeng DF 6's cargo space is sufficient, a less spacious body can be an advantage in off-roading and daily walking on asphalt. It is easier to drive and park with a minivan with less suspension than the dimensions of a European passenger car.

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Oddly enough, like the Dongfeng Seres 3 electric car tested previously, it was not possible to reach the transition point between applying and removing gas. The car can't go steady on the throttle, because when you release the throttle, it suddenly starts engine braking, then stops again on the corrective throttle and goes back and forth in that way.

Compared to cars today, a steering wheel with a narrow rim does not have good grip. The controllability of the Dongfeng DF6 pickup around the central position is very uncertain. In some cases, moving the steering wheel out of motion creates a mushy effect on the steering, and you can only roughly tell what's happening to the wheels.

It is difficult to break into Hungary with an expensive Chinese car 123

It does not consume much, its dynamic engine runs at a rate of 9-10 liters per 100

On the other hand, the engine has good power and the short gearing supports progress, even when loaded, especially when empty. But you shouldn't forget too much about speed, because the brake pedal ratio is uncertain.

The unobtrusive eight-speed automatic system offers Eco, Snow and Sport modes. It gives a lot of freedom in manual shifting, and I was happy that if I switched back to engine braking, the car didn't respond with a glitch exacerbated by beeps. But the transmission software also helps you use engine braking on inclines, but it tends to hold the gear for an absurdly long time, causing the engine to accelerate unnecessarily.

2100rpm in eighth gear at 130. At constant legal speed, the interior is pleasantly quiet, at least compared to the very rustic Isuzu D-Max from which I moved here.

It is difficult to break into Hungary with an expensive Chinese car 124

Although upholstered in leather, the back seats are uncomfortable

Aside from the large rear overhang and the long wheelbase's maneuverability and center suspension issues, which are a common burden for all pickups, the Dongfeng DF 6 has good off-road capabilities, of course not with street tires.

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In addition to front-wheel drive, it offers the usual options in the category, such that it has the advantage of adjusting the terrain to overcome steep climbs and steep slopes without a foot brake, and with engine braking. There's no need for a center lock, nor is there a stabilizer, the locking rear differential offered as standard equipment is fun, because it can get you out of some sticky situations.

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