The European Space Agency will use the Euclid Space Telescope to reveal where dark matter is located in the universe and how it behaves. It will also shed light on the mystery of dark energy accelerating the expansion of the universe.

The European Space Agency (ESA) launched its Euclid Space Telescope on July 1, and its main mission is to study dark matter and dark energy. The Hulk has now sent its first images back to Earth Watchman.

It is believed that dark matter holds galaxies together, while dark energy is responsible for the expansion of the universe.

The first images have been taken of the Perseus galaxy cluster and the formation known as the Horsehead Nebula. Both are presented in detail unparalleled in Euclid. About 100,000 galaxies were captured in a single image, which clearly shows the unique capabilities of the European Space Agency’s space telescope.

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The structure can detect the light of galaxies up to 10 billion light-years away, while simultaneously creating the largest 3D cosmic map ever. This allows astronomers to infer the large-scale distribution of dark matter, as well as explore the effects of dark energy on the early universe.

The Euclid mission will expand our scientific knowledge beyond Einstein, says Carol Mundell, ESA’s science director. “So far we have been able to figure out how 5% of the universe works, and now we need to figure out how the remaining 95% works,” he said. WatchmanTo Mondale.

Over the next six years, space telescopes will observe about 8 billion galaxies in infrared and visible light, covering 36 percent of the night sky. In some cases, distant light passes next to dark matter, whose gravitational force bends it, which can make the galaxy appear distorted in the final image.

By analyzing the distortion patterns, astronomers can infer the distribution of dark matter. The mission may not be able to answer what dark matter is, but it can answer where it exists and how it behaves.

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