In the future, printers will no longer receive updates through Windows Update after Microsoft moves them elsewhere in the system. This means changing the method that has been used for decades.

A big change is coming to Windows soon, though it’s a good question how happy it will be — because in the future, printer manufacturers won’t be able to offer driver updates to users as part of Windows Update. However, this option remained open to manufacturers for decades, and users only gained with it: they did not have to search for new update packages, they arrived with other system updates.

However, in the future, the company will direct printer manufacturers (and users, as well as all third-party developers) to the default application store for Windows, the Microsoft Store, to distribute applications and software. BGR.

There’s a big change coming to Windows

Soon, everything will actually open in the browser of our choice in Windows – Microsoft has announced. This is a big step from the company, which until now has always somehow found a way to push users of its operating system to its own browser by finding anti-competitive loopholes.

The change was already introduced in Windows 10 build 21H2, in April last year, and now extends to later builds, including Windows 11 build 23H2.

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The distribution of third-party drivers via Windows Update will gradually stop, the process will begin this year and will end in 2027 – at which time it will not be possible to install new printer drivers from Windows Update at all, only previously published, old drivers will be available.

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