The OpenAI developers preferred not to ask Elon Musk for money, because he immediately became bossy

He wanted so much influence, instead, OpenAI gave up his money. Did they make the right decision?

Although it has been active for years, it is only in the past few months that OpenAI has become a globally recognized name as its generative language model, GPT, has demonstrated capabilities that no chatbot could previously approach.

Few people may have heard that DALL-E, which excels in photography, is also an OpenAI innovation. Only the most knowledgeable know that even Elon Musk was involved in the startup in the early years of OpenAI, but there were already alarming signs of his driving style. He simply wanted too much.

When OpenAI was launched in 2015, many well-known investors in the tech world invested in the startup. In addition to Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel, Elon Musk also supported the team with a large amount, raising more than a billion dollars at the start, or rather they were going to collect, because the amounts did not come all at once, but were agreed with investors in parts.

Elon Musk wanted full control of the company after OpenAI’s activities began and suggested that AI be taught through Reddit posts, but founding members Greg Brockman and Sam Altman rejected this.

Musk then completely withdrew from OpenAI and did not undertake financing, so a serious financial problem arose. In 2019, the fully not-for-profit company founded OpenAI Limited Partnership, a for-profit subsidiary, which ensured that the experimental lab could continue to operate. Today, they seem to have made the right decision, especially if we look at the scandals that have surrounded Twitter in the past period, which clearly show Musk’s face if he can really exercise full force.

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