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Table salt works wonders in the refrigerator

Table salt works wonders in the refrigerator

Ordinary salt is a hidden treasure for households because, among other things, it neutralizes odors and locks in moisture.

Salt is one of the most important and widely used spices, and it also plays an important role in preserving it. The history of healing and maintaining health with salt goes back hundreds of years. However, table salt is a hidden treasure for households and can be used in many ways.

Many people suffer from unpleasant refrigerator odor. There are many types of refrigerator deodorizers that you can put in your refrigerator in stores, but when you see what table salt does to your refrigerator, you will never buy something like this again. written by In his article Mindmegette.

Put table salt in the refrigerator, as it neutralizes the odor

Bring a small bowl, fill it with table salt, then put it in the refrigerator. It is useful to store it at the back of a shelf so it is not in the way and thus reduces the chance of it falling.

Salt can trap bad odor in your refrigerator and collect the smell of food, so you don’t have to spend money on expensive deodorizers. The salt should be replaced every few months, but you don’t have to throw it away, because it can still help you clean.


Salt in the refrigerator binds moisture

In addition to being a great deodorizer, table salt can lock in moisture. Salt is known for its ability to absorb moisture, so it can also trap moisture to some extent. This feature can be really useful if you store fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, because the moisture evaporates from them despite the cold. Not to mention the fact that vegetables soften after a while, and this process can also be slowed down with salt. In order to keep the fruits fresh, place a small bowl of salt next to them in the drawer. However, it is important to replace the salt if it becomes too wet.

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You can also kill weeds with salt

There are some non-toxic herbicides that are effective against weeds, such as table salt, which can often be used against weeds between sidewalks and patio pavers.

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