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Star Wars Luke Skywalker turns 70 today: in recent photos Mark Hamill – World Star

Star Wars Luke Skywalker turns 70 today: in recent photos Mark Hamill - World Star

Star Wars films began their conquest in the 1970s, and within a few years became a part of pop culture, showing their first movie in 1977, titled A New Hope, then in 1980, The Empire Strikes Back, and in 1983, The Jedi Returns. Since then, more parts have been filmed to the delight of fans.

In the seventies and eighties Mark Hamill One of the heroes who could hide in Luke Skywalker’s skin, the actor was 26 years old at the time of the 1977 premiere. It’s unbelievable how time passes as you celebrate your 70th birthday today.

Today, Mark Hamill is 70 years old

The shot was taken of Hummel during an interview, while the photo on the right shows him at home with the family’s puppy. At the age of seventy, like many, he changed, his hair fell out in the fall, and the iron teeth left some marks on his face, but even the most ardent fans will recognize him in his new photos in moments.

Beard gives Mark Hamill a completely different personality.

Photo: YouTube / The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Instagram / Mark Hamill

After graduating from high school, he became a student at Los Angeles City College, where he studied drama, made his screen debut in 1970, starring to the fullest in the series Headmaster, and then playing Kent Murray in the soap opera General Hospital. Soon realizing his good vocal abilities, he became one of the persistent dubbing voices in the Scooby-Doo’s Newer Adventures fairy tale series. Star Warsig has mostly been given serial roles. The films directed by George Lucas changed his life forever.

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“Everyone is so nice to me and thinks they really know who I really am. The beauty of Star Wars is that I’ve become a part of something they know everywhere in the world. Usually, parents tell their kids not to talk to a stranger, but they make an exception with me because they think they know them well,” he explained. . independent in 2018.

He is glad that his films made a deep impression in the lives of so many people.

“It is very interesting because Star Wars is somehow connected to the personal lives of many. One of my fans once told me that thanks to The Empire Strikes Back he met his wife. By the time the Capricorns returned, their young son, named Luke, was born. Others said he helped her a lot in Treating her grandmother’s serious illness.He said that Star Wars inspired people in a way I could never have imagined, that they can resonate with these stories in a way that is much deeper than we ever expected.

Mark Hamill 2

Photo: Getty Images Hungary, Instagram / Mark Hamill

He’s still active in acting and dubbing today, and in recent years we’ve seen him in series like The Last Guys on Earth or The Mandalorian, where he played Luke Skywalker again.

As for her private life, she has been married since 1978, and gave birth to her three children, Nathan in 1979, Griffin in 1983, and Chelsea in 1988.

She is the daughter of Bruce Lee

In our able group, you can see what Bruce Lee’s eye daughter is these days.

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