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Index – Culture – This new series on Netflix is ​​disgusting, but you can’t stop

Index - Culture - This new series on Netflix is ​​disgusting, but you can't stop

The coronavirus pandemic has put Netflix on hold, in terms of content production, but the streaming service provider is now releasing movies and series at full capacity again. Among the latter, you can find high-quality gems such as the magician, The Weird things and the Sandman…but most of the show still consisted of mediocre productions. Among these include fine seeds Harleen Cobain– Modifications, among which, at first glance, the new seven-part Netflix series, which premiered on August 19, reverberation It will also fit easily. But to our great surprise, Coben has nothing to do with this thriller.

But if we look at reverberation For the first part, everything seems to be fine: lame-themed photography, spooky music reminiscent of the early 2000s, and uninspiring acting are also present in the miniseries.

Netflix is ​​a file reverberation With his story description, he gave viewers a pretty tough touch, so we won’t hold back in that regard either. The story revolves around two twin sisters, Gina, a writer who lives in Los Angeles, and Lenny, who is much quieter than her and lives on a horse farm. Both women have gorgeous and handsome husbands, it’s definitely something they come up with in life. And thanks to a secret agreement, there is no danger that the heroes will get bored with their daily lives. Jenna and Lenny sometimes switch identities and hide in each other’s skin for a longer period of time.

At first, it’s clear there’s a big trick to start things off: Lenny disappears, and Jenna has to travel to the farm to find her twin. It makes Paula and Paulina’s match more difficult if one of them gets out of it. Or they were sent, because the pilot also raises questions about what if Lenny was killed or kidnapped.

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From all this, it can be seen that a file reverberationWe’ll have a lot of question marks in three quarters of an hour. We had to bring back several scenes, but not because they were too scary and captivating. But since there were so many twists and turns, the scenario simply became very confusing.

Many people know the main character, Michelle Monaghan, who plays a dual role Mission: ImpossibleFrom the movies, from HBO real detective From its first season or even the season also shown on Netflix The messiahFrom. The actress has proven in recent decades that she’s pretty good at acting, and if the script wasn’t too bad, Monaghan’s charisma would easily carry over. reverberationin. However, often the dialogues turn out to be boring, the sentences placed in the mouths of the characters are simply too long, and we get bored with the multitude of explanations.

We can’t praise the production from a technical point of view either, and the lack of tyranny is evident in this area as well. At Netflix, they were probably aiming for the mid-tier reverberationWith them, they wanted to put together a small series that you could easily finish one evening if you wanted a thriller that didn’t require you to leave all four walls in the increasingly humid and gloomy weather. God forbid, I’m probably going to the movies because of that.

Too bad they didn’t make a movie out of Vanessa Ghazi’s idea, we think this story would have worked better in a couple of hours. However, a lot of twists and turns make the end result funny rather than shocking.

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Shame or no shame… but a reverberation Despite all his faults, he managed to drag us down. After a twist at the end of the first episode, we immediately started the sequel. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure production where you can see it’s hideous, but somehow you still look at yourself. Here at home, viewers have gotten a bad reputation reverberationra, since the time of writing this article, this is the leader of the list among the series on Hungarian Netflix. Critics hate it, and we also think that if there was a similar version of Harlan Coben, this thriller would be largely forgotten. It’s a shame because based on the trailer it looked a lot more interesting.

5.5 / 10

Visszhangok (Echoes) can be seen with Hungarian dubbing and subtitles on Netflix.

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