Since 1934, there haven’t been many deadly shark attacks in Australia

Taronga Zoo announced Monday that eight people have been killed in shark attacks this year in Australia, and there have been no such victims since 1934.

He said shark attacks have killed an average of one person every year for the past five decades, and no one died even in the bites of a marine predator in Australia last year. Phoebe Meijer, Expert zoo shark.

This year, shark attacks have claimed the lives of people on the western and eastern coasts.

However, experts say there is no reason to panic in swimmers or surfers, because in terms of the number of so-called unprovoked attacks, the year 2020 was quite an average year, and there have been 20 such cases, while the number of such attacks in the past decade has ranged from 15. To 25 a year.

The difference is that the confrontations between human and animal have ended exceptionally in tragedy several times this year, which Coulom Brown, According to a marine biologist at Macquarie University in Sydney, the death was merely an accident.

According to the expert, many of those injured in shark attacks in previous years were lucky, they quickly received care and survived the encounter of the predator. The fate of a shark attack depends on two really important factors: what part of the body is bitten and how quickly you can get medical help. This year, there have been a lot of adversity in both factors, Brown says.

Although thousands of predators are floating in the sea around Australia, few accidents happen. Shark expert Phoebe Meijer explained that it is more likely to be drowned off the coast of Australia than to be killed in a shark attack.

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