Shadow Government: Peter Markey asked three questions

Shadow Government: Peter Markey asked three questions

In a Facebook post, Mayor of Hódmezöhely discussed the shadow government of Clara Dobrev.

Peter Marche-Z. The KDP wants to fit the opposition with this move, according to him, the question is whether it is doing it in order to replace Fides or to keep him in power.

For this, the following three questions must be answered:

  • Is the left alone capable of replacing Fidesz without the right and center opposition parties?
  • Is one party able to replace vids on its own?
  • Is the political government able to solve the country’s problems in exchange for the government of experts?

– writes Peter Markie Zee.

He concludes his post with:

“If the answer to even one question is no, then the shadow government of the KDP will rebuild the field of central power by dividing the opposition,

And Fides is in power.”

Subsequently, the People’s Movement of Hungary, led by Peter Markie Z., issued a statement with similar content on this topic.

“The shadow government list omitted civilians and professionals, so it only consists of a team of DK cadres,” they wrote. The Hungary movement for everyone does not want to work in the shadow of Viktor Orban, and for this we will stand in the light with the Alliance for Cleanliness. This alliance will form those who work to overthrow the system, believers in a new political culture, where power is not concentrated in the hands of a narrow elite, where positions are not divided on the basis of loyalty, where corruption is pursued regardless of right and left, and where experience and competence are decisive.

(In our opening photo, Clara Dobrev and Peter Markie Z. at the opposition’s primary debate on environmental protection.)

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