Samsung will not add a charger to its cell phones either

Samsung will not add a charger to its cell phones either

Apple unveiled it last fall IPhone 12 The models were echoed, among other things, by the fact that the manufacturer had already removed from the case of the new devices the charging head and previously familiar earphones. Competitors responded immediately with various posts on social media, including Samsung, however, the South Korean manufacturer soon began to delete the posts / ads that topped the Cupertino company. Not by chance: as it turned out recently Foot Samsung Galaxy S21 phones will no longer have headphones and chargers, and that will be the case for future phones.

Nevertheless, the South Koreans say they will strive for gradual implementation. Patrick Chumet, Head of Samsung’s customer experience department on the company’s Q&A page Dropped it Information in this regard. In response to a question from a journalist, Chomet replied that by phasing out chargers and earphones packed with the phone, Samsung wants to contribute to sustainability and it’s also better for customers who don’t have to stock up on another extra charger this way.

The shape of the “gradient” is still in question and which patterns will have a fill header in the box. A TechRadar to me For now, you can be sure that future versions of the Galaxy S series will not come with the accessories (starting with the Galaxy S21 case), and there’s a good chance that this is the case with the next top model in the Galaxy Note series.

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