With a little trick, you can also pack a larger NVMe SSD in the Steam Deck!

Not a hundred percent secure solution, but then it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Valve saw a sudden increase in demand for its 64GB eMMC model…

Gabe Newell has released three versions of Steam Deck. For the 64 GB eMMC model, it’s 420 euros (168 thousand fort), for the mid-range version with 256 GB already an SSD NVMe, 550 euros (220 thousand fort), and for the 512-gigabyte version with 680 euros (272 thousand fort) by Valve. However, if you want to free up more storage space in your laptop, you can, however, warn us in advance not to.

The on Twitter We can see that the Canadian mod has made it to the hardware to outfit the Steam Deck with a 2242 M.2 NVMe SSD (which originally has a 2230, so it’s a bit smaller). We quote it: “The PCB seems to work fine in 2242 M.2 [NVMe SSD] By adapting it to Steam Deck: It does not interfere with anything on the motherboard and does not load cables. However, the heat diffuser is slightly curved. The back cover can be reattached without any problems.” That is, overheating problems can occur later …

He packed a 512GB KingSpec PCIe 3.0 x2 into Steam Deck and has an approximate speed. 1100 MB / sec, which is not a bad thing. Don’t try a 2280 SSD, but 2242s availability isn’t that bad, so you can put a 1TB SSD in the machine loosely. Of course, you can do it differently: it is enough to have a large microSD card. There has been testing for this before: microSD charging times are approximate. They were only a couple of seconds late, but most of the time it wasn’t that much, so there wasn’t much difference between a microSD and an NVMe SSD.

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It is very easy to disassemble Steam Deck, but before you decide to do so, remove the microSD card from the device as it may break. Let’s not forget that you may risk losing your warranty if you touch your valve.

source: PCGamer


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