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Ryan Reynolds is Netflix's biggest star

Ryan Reynolds is Netflix's biggest star
  • the They are particularly dangerous criminals Most watched movie on Netflix
  • Another creation by Ryan Reynolds, Adam Project He is in third place
  • But no Tyler Rake: Escape Both the first and second parts entered the top ten

Nowadays, Netflix does not hesitate to spend money on its own productions, even if they are not series, but full-fledged films. The streaming service provider has several productions whose budgets rival those of the largest movie theaters, and subscribers also enjoy the in-house music, at least based on the number of views. Previously, the company did not publish precise data on viewership, but for some time it has been transparently presenting a list of the most popular works in a given week (be it a movie or a series), as well as the whole picture as well. Divided into categories. From this it quickly becomes clear that people really prefer wild action more than others, since most of the top ten contestants did not become known for their slow action and deep content, quite the opposite.

As we mentioned previously, the second part is also on the way They are particularly dangerous criminals (Red Notice) is confidently in first place, achieving no less than 230.9 million views within 91 days after its debut, or 454.2 million hours. In second place was the satirical film directed by Adam McKay, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Meryl Streep. Don't look up! (Don't look up!While another film by Ryan Reynolds won the bronze medal, Adam Project He could have hung it around his neck – with the actor returning soon (though not much) as Deadpool, according to the signs, Netfilx won't be able to do much. Army Driver (of course not in the pejorative sense, as they also produced large numbers) has two Tyler Rake: Escape It has been proven with 135.7 and 134.9 million views. Here are the top 10:

  • 1. Particularly dangerous criminals (230.9 million)
  • 2. Don't look up! (171.4 million)
  • 3. Project Adam (157.6 million)
  • 4. Birds in a Box (157.4 million)
  • 5. The Gray Man (139.3 million)
  • 6. Anyone can be a hero (137.3 million)
  • 7. Mother (136.4 million)
  • 8. Cut to the Chase: The Glass Onion (136.3 million)
  • 9. Tyler Rake: The Escape ($135.7 million)
  • 10. Tyler Rake: The Escape 2 ($134.9 million)

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