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Ludovika Festival takes place in Mjus in Orczy Park

2022. May 1, 11:35

He is waiting for concerts, free Ludovica University sales, and family programs at the National Service University from May 5-7 at Orczy Park in Budapest.

In connection with the 100-day celebration, the National University of Public Service organized the Ludovika Festival last year, with the aim of learning about the professional profession, introducing it to activities and bringing the world closer to the world.

On the opening day of the three-day event, on May 5, Blahalouisiana and Szab Balzs, The Folk on 45, Grecs-Hrutka Tandem, Tremblay, Pixa, Lotfi Begi, Metzker Viktria and Willcox, among others, will perform on stage.

On the evening of May 6, Hsk sa Brains will take over the big stage, while vocal duo Zsuzsi Kollnyi and Ron Andrs “Apey” will watch the festival.

At Party Stor, she organized Korda Gyrgy, Balzs Klri, Krisz Rudi, Rusty, MRKK, Love Trashem Bbi and Jumodaddy — the National Service University with MTI said.

On May 6, the Ludovica Free University Extraordinary Sales Series will be open to the public, and with regard to water, it sheds light on what the profiling function looks like, the Hungarian Public Administration Program was also presented.

On May 7, in addition to the concert of Alma Egytes and Frosina Kovcsowicz, the Iszkeri Junior Orchestra will be hosting. Interested parties can look at and present the history of Hungarian citizenship, and they can give a demonstration of regular vehicles and disaster relief vehicles. Ludovika SE will also be presented at the event, and adventurers can try their hand at the obstacle course and Orczy Adventure Park.

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On May 5th and 6th, you can attend evening concerts with tickets. Participation is free of charge in the 6-day all-day family program at Ludovica Free University on the 6th of May.


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