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Russia and NASA agreed to extend joint space flights

Russia and NASA agreed to extend joint space flights

The Russian space agency Roscosmos announced on Thursday that Russia and the US Space Agency (NASA) have agreed to extend their joint flights to the International Space Station until 2025.

The Russians have changed their previous decision

In order to ensure the reliability of the overall operation of the International Space Station and to ensure the presence of at least one representative from Roscosmos and NASA on their part of the station, an agreement was reached with the American partners in 2023 to extend joint flights until 2025, the announcement said.

Satellite image of the International Space Station (ISS).Source: NASA

According to the information, two additions to the agreement between Russia and NASA regarding flights to the International Space Station were signed for this purpose in July and December 2023. Russia had already announced in July 2022 that it wanted to withdraw from the International Space Station after 2024, where its astronauts are stationed. Durable which plays a major role in its operation. Roscosmos plans to build a new Russian space station.

Russia plans to build its own space station

In October, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the first part of the Russian space station should be launched in 2027, while also promising to continue the conquest of space despite recent setbacks.

Soyuz-2 launch vehicleImage credit: Getty Images/(NASA/Aubrey Gemignani)/NASA

The Russian space sector, which has historically been the country's pride, has been suffering from funding problems, corruption scandals and failures for years.

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Such as the loss of the Luna-25 lunar probe in August.

Assembly of the International Space Station, a model of international cooperation involving Europe, Japan, the United States and Russia, began in 1998. It was scheduled to close in 2024, but NASA estimates it could operate until 2030.

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