Red Bull calls for Skylines Championship

Red Bull calls for Skylines Championship

The expanding world of eSport will be enriched with another event this year: the popular energy drink brand, Red Bull Metropolis, will host the first official race of world-famous cities: Skylines. Urbanization can only be limited by imagination in this amazing simulator, and the biggest of them can now measure their strength in the urban battle that begins on August 21!

Paradox Interactive’s gaming program, Cities: Skylines, has been gathering ardent fans around since 2015, harnessing their creative, and often instinctive, knowledge of urban areas and pulling off the most incredible skyscrapers, creating livable global cities in virtual space. The community, which has swelled over the years, can celebrate this year with Red Bull Metropolis creating the first race built around the popular game, where the Cities’ biggest content producers can collide: Skylines.

Red Bull Metropolis Trailer

You have a born mayor on your feet who can win such a competition! So seasoned players like Biffa Plays Indie Games, quill18, RTGame or The Spiffing Brit will compete in the six trials. We can see who can reduce traffic most effectively in 30 minutes by introducing bike paths and it also sheds light on the simulation hero who can save his city from an incoming asteroid. The six-hour match will be shown on Red Bull Gaming Twitch and YouTube channels on August 21 at 6pm Hungarian time.

Red Bull Metropolis, a leading event within its category, offers another way for cities: Skylines fans to enjoy the game while following in the footsteps of Red Bull eSports like the Red Bull Solo Q League of Legends or CS:GO focused on Red Bull Flick.

Cities: Skylines

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More information about the tournament, which debuted on August 21, can be found on Red Bull Gaming and eSport, as well as on the relevant Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

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