Google’s new operating system, Android 14, is coming to Android devices this year. The first public beta can already be tested, but only on Google Pixel phones.

If Google sticks to its usual schedule in recent years, it will release the latest version of the Android operating system sometime around August. Before that, however, four more public betas can be expected from the company, the first of which has already become available.

the Techcrunch Note that while a beta is available, only those with a supported Pixel device can try it out. This means that at least one Pixel 4a 5G phone, which the company launched in November 2020.

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Google does not currently support installing Android 14 beta for other devices. But those who have a Pixel should also be careful, because the beta version means that the system is not yet stable, so it can crash at any time or give an error message for certain tasks.

According to the newspaper, it has not yet been possible to find many new features in Android 14. One is a tool for developers to simplify data sharing between applications and services, and the other is a new type “behind” Arrow, which Google says provides users with a better navigation experience.

We’ll likely learn more about the new functionality at the Google I/O developer conference. The company will hold this for May 10, and the second beta may be released by then.

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