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Prisoner Lamila did not score, Arsenal won in the London Derby!

Prisoner Lamila did not score, Arsenal won in the London Derby!

In round 28 of the Premier League, Arsenal defeated Tottenham 2-1.

Prisoner of Lamila Parade (Photo: AFP)

Angole Premier League
Round 28
Arsenal – Tottenham Hotspur 2-1
Emirates Stadium, Behind closed gates. Led by: Michael Oliver
Arsenal: Leno – Soares, David Luiz, Gabriel, Tierney – Thomas Partey, Xhaka – Saka (N. Pépé, while at rest), Odegaard, Smith Rowe (Willian, 77) – Lacazette (Elneny, 88). Coach: Mikel Arteta
Tottenham: Lloris – Doherty, D. Sánchez, Alderweireld, Reguilón – Ndombele (Alli, 62.), Höjbjerg – Szon Hung Min (Lamela, 18.), Lucas Moura, Bale (M. Sissoko, 57.) – Kane. Coach: Jose Mourinho
Scorers: Ödegaard (45) and Lacazette (64 to 11), respectively. Lamilla (33)
Issued: Lamilla (76.)



Already before the match, there was drama in Arsenal. The The athlete According to his information Pierre Emerick Aubameyang was seated on the bench as he arrived in the Emirates late before the meeting. Mikel Arteta was also asked why he had not started his business in Gabon, so the manager said it was for disciplinary reasons … Read more here!

At the start of the match, Arsenal played brilliantly. He squeezed Spurs all the way through, which he could barely get out of his space. The situation got worse when Sun Hong Min was injured and stood up Eric Lamilla – At least that’s what we thought. However, the Argentine flashed his skills in the 33rd minute and scored a goal by Lino with a dramatic prisoner nod. (0-1).

The home side made their way through the middle and almost came back when Cedric Soares tried to slip the ball away from the goalkeeper. We can roughly account for Spurs leading the break when that comes Martin Odegaard And tied him with an early shot (1–1).

Nothing happened for a long time in the second half, then in the 64th minute Tottenham scattered the ball in their own half, and Lacazette scored, but Sanchez cut it off – Arsenal could come with a penalty. the fine Alexandre Lacazette She performed and did not do anything wrong (1-2).

In the 76th minute, Eric Lamela showed his other side as well. He hit Tierney completely unnecessarily, and the biggest problem with that was that he had already received a yellow card five minutes earlier. Now the second came, Lamela can take a shower!

Tottenham could have leveled in the last minute after a man foul, Harry Kane, who had a very quiet day, hit the post with a free kick. Arsenal dropped out, and kept the three points at home.

The goals of the match

Additional results

Southampton-Brighton 1–2 (Che Adams 27., L. Dunk 16., Trussard 56.)
Leicester City-Sheffield United 5-0 (Iheanacho 39., 69., 78., Ayuz Perez 64., Ampadu 80. – Angole)
Manchester United – West Ham United 1-0 (Dawson 53 – Goal Goal)

on Monday
Wolverhampton Wanderers – Liverpool (TV: Player 1) – Live on a UFO!

They played on Saturday
Crystal Palace – West Bromwich Albion 1-0 (Milifwifex from 36 to 11)
Everton-Burnley 1–2 (Calvert Lewin 32., Bad Separation. Wood 13., McNeill 24.)
Leeds United – Chelsea 0-0
Fulham – Manchester City 0-3 (J. Stones 47, Gabriel Jesus 56, Agüero 60-11)

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They played on Friday
Newcastle United – Aston Villa 1-1 (Lascelles 90 + 4., L. Watkins 86.)

the work
1. Manchester City 30 22 5 3 64–21 +43 71
2. Manchester United 29 16 9 4 56-32 +24 57
3. Leicester 29 17 5 7 53-32 +21 56
4. Chelsea 29 14 9 6 44-25 +19 51
5. West Ham 28 14 6 8 42-32 +10 48
6. Everton 28 14 4 10 40–37 +3 46
7. Tottenham 28 13 6 9 47-30 +17 45
8. Liverpool 28 12 7 9 47–36 +11 43
9. Aston Villa 27 12 5 10 39–28 +11 41
10. Arsenal 28 12 5 11 37-29 +8 41
11. Crystal Palace 29 10 7 12 31-47 – 16 37
12. Leeds United 28 11 3 14 43-46 –3 36
13. Wolverhampton 28 9 8 11 28–37 –9 35
14. Southampton 29 9 6 14 36-51 -15th 33
15. Burnley 29 8 9 12 22-37 -15th 33
16. Brighton and Hove Albion 28 6 11 11 29-36 –7 29
17. Newcastle 28 7 7 14 28-45 – 17 28
18. Fulham 29 5 11 13 22-36 – 14 26
19. West Bromwich Albion 29 3 9 17 20-57 –37 18
20. Sheffield United 29 4 2 23 16-50 –34 14

Minute by minute

Second middle

90 + 6. The minutes: Here is the end, Arsenal win the London Derby!

90 + 5. Minutes: Kane shoots well but has a skewed shot that was blocked by the opponent’s keeper. Perhaps this was Mourinho’s last chance to draw.

90 + 4. Minutes: A great chance against Tottenham! Lucas behaves dramatically among the defenders of the ground, one of them interrupts, Kane can come back again!

At the moment, Tottenham have no position in overtime …

90 minutes: Five minutes is the extension!

90th minute: What a drama! Kane’s free kick comes back from the goalkeeper, and tries to get the goalkeeper in the evening Sissoko, but Gabriel is a big lead.

88 minutes: Mikel Arteta replaces again, Lacazette replaced with Elneny.

85 minutes: At EA Sports FIFA 12, István B. Hajd said: “Do you have five minutes? Well, that’s it …”

83 minutes: Harry Kane had already scored the fun of the goal after his header, but the beach sign immediately indicated the England striker was effective! It remains 2-1.

83 minutes: Xhaka is irregular, turns yellow.

79 minutes: Kane heads Mora’s corner in the air, and Lino pulls her down.

77 minutes: Willian is coming to replace Smith Row.

76 minutes: Lamella bounces back to Terni unnecessarily at all, so she gets her second yellow, and she can go shower!

73 minutes: Pépé tries at baseline but cannot pass Alderweireld.

71 minutes: Lamela heads from afar, Lino has no problem.

Nice to know Kane is on the field anyway …

70 minutes: Harry Kane curves dangerously in the middle, but the ball goes in front of everyone.

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69 minutes: Lamella was very aggressive, and she received a yellow card.

Lacazette XI

64th minute: Arsenal translated! Lacazette He stood there for the penalty kick, kept very quiet, and rolled nicely down the left. 1-2

63 minutes: The penalty remained, and Sanchez also received a yellow card.

63 minutes: Tottenham scores in his own half of the field, from which Lacazette takes the goal position, and although he hit a hole, Sanchez cut it. For now, it looks like he can take a penalty kick from Arsenal!

62 minutes: Another exchange in Tottenham. Ndombel replaced by Alli.

61 minutes: Bored with passing by, Barty takes her from afar, next to him.

60 minutes: Tierney was entering from the left, which is great for the block. corner.

57 minutes: Mourinho replaces! Gareth Bale, the place of Moses Sissoko!

56 minutes: Lacazette takes a swing and hits it … Lloris confidently defends the ball over him.

51 minutes: Not only does Smith Roe shine from the front, he is also showing that he can defend himself. He brings it out nicely, but Lamella cuts it off.

49 minutes: Lloris kicks the ball in the wrong place, and throws Terni instantly but inaccurately.

48 minutes: Tottenham doesn’t leave as much space for Arsenal as they did at the start of the first half, preferring the visitors to keep the ball.

46 minutes: Place Saca is Pépé in Arsenal.

46 minutes: The match continues, Tottenham starts the match.

First half

45 + 2. minutes: The first half is over!

Odegaard’s goal

45th minute: The balance is here! Martin Odegaardot Tierney – who beat Doherty lavishly on the left wing – finds the Norwegian shot bounces, so Lloris has no chance of blocking it! 1–1

43 minutes: Arsenal are back at the end of the half, but they don’t want to see the goal.

40 minutes: Reguilón sárgul be.

Lamella really feels like that step in 2014, too He had already scored a similar goal.

Prisoner Lamella the Genius

37th minute: The match has started, another goal for Arsenal! Smith Rowe pulls back, Cedric Soares strikes instantly, Lloris just saw the ball go off the post.

33rd minute: A great goal! Gareth Bale curves cross from the right side and then places the ball in the middle of Reguilón. Mora finally took over the Apple In front of crap Shot in the net from a prisoner bite! 0-1

31 minutes: Tottenham pass, but that didn’t matter.

28 minutes: Tensions run high between Xhaka and Lamela. Nana, the two villains find each other …

26 minutes: Once again, Smith Rowe appears on the left, beats Hojbjerge and passes back, but Lacazette is not hitting well.

22 minutes: Ndombele delays a quick counter attack, there is a free kick, there is no yellow card.

The nineteenth minute: A big problem with Tottenham! The son is injured, Mourinho must be replaced immediately! Lamila continues.

a The athlete According to his information Pierre Emerick Aubameyang was seated on the bench as he arrived in the Emirates late before the meeting. Mikel Arteta was also asked why his business had not started in Gabon, and the manager said this for disciplinary reasons …Read more here!

16th minute: Score a huge goal! Pounding Smith Row from about 20 yards, Lloris flew, only the French goalkeeper helped!

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15 minutes: shooting! Granit Xhaka was on a firing position from a good 25 meters, he even took it, but passed it.

13 minutes: Saka tries to pass, but his ball is too high for the Exit.

So far, the ball is in 76 percent of the home team …

11 minutes: Arsenal fits well, Thomas Partey sees Saka, Alderfield as giant!

9 minutes: Tottenham also reached Arsenal’s goal, Bale wraps in the middle with an outside façade, but Lino takes it with confidence.

5 minutes: The home side started strong, and Tottenham could barely go outside of their half of their stadium.

3 minutes: Lacazette gives a bib to Sanchez who pulls it off. free kick.

2 minutes: The defender is trying to the left, but the pass is flat by a far defender.

1 minute: The match started, Arsenal started.

Gareth Bale finds himself old (Photo: AFP)

Before the match

Gareth Bale It is in parade form: After the Welsh class returns, he has only been successful four times in his first 16 matches for Tottenham, but has scored the opponent’s goal five times in his last six matches.

In the last game, Arsenal lost two points to Burnley, and this is the most Granite Shaka It was due to a fatal error. Well, we can’t say we haven’t seen it happen, because the Swiss midfielder has set aside eight dollars for his team since signing the Premier League – no player has scored many times at the top of the English season in the 2016. -2017 season since then.

Tottenham Hotspur are preparing for their third consecutive Premier League win over Arsenal. The last example of this was in 1974. That’s the challenge!

Son and ken His husband is impressive: the duo have already scored 14 goals this season, one serving the other, breaking the record for Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton, who was set on the 1994-1995 call at Blackburn.

Willian is not playing badly, he already has seven assists this season considering all the series. No Arsenal player has more in the current announcement – yet he only starts the derby on the small bench.

We salute our readers, we hope that an exciting match awaits us!

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