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Pressman: The Hungarian government complains of interference in its internal affairs, while it itself does so in other countries

Pressman: The Hungarian government complains of interference in its internal affairs, while it itself does so in other countries

The American ambassador addressed harsh words to the Fidesz government on the occasion of the anniversary of its accession to NATO.

The United States cares about Hungary, we care about Hungarians, we appreciate and admire your culture and history, and we strive for close relations. We're not really asking for much: we'll just stick to a commitment to transparency, dialogue, neutrality and democracy.

He said Thursday David Pressman, US Ambassador to Budapest, on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Hungary's accession to NATO in Budapest. The location was symbolic, the former CEU building on Nádori Street, Pressman reminded the audience Viktor Orbán Due to government measures, the university was forced to move its headquarters to Vienna.

In his speech, the ambassador noted that the Hungarian Prime Minister interpreted NATO accession to correct a historical injustice and stressed the country's commitment to democracy and the rule of law. Pressman then compared this to the problematic political decisions taken by the current Hungarian government. Government, such as united hostile rhetoric against states, media occupations, corruption, and efforts to limit the rule of law.

The ambassador stressed that the United States continues to seek dialogue with Hungary, but does not accept those actions that conflict with democratic values ​​and the principles of NATO. He gave as an example that they were forced to restrict access to ESTA for Hungarian citizens because the Hungarian government was not prepared to deal with the security concerns raised by the American side.

Pressman also noted that the United States and its allies are concerned about the Hungarian government’s close relations with Moscow, and that instead of playing a prominent role in supporting Ukraine, it represents Russian interests, which is causing tension within NATO. The ambassador also criticized the Hungarian peace plan:

Does Hungary really believe that if our partners and allies stop providing military support to Ukraine, while it fights for its mere survival, that Russia will come to the negotiating table? Or will he do what he did elsewhere, which is to get his hands on more land, plunder more property, deprive the country's people of their freedom to a greater extent, and kidnap more children? Hungarian policy is based on the illusion that disarming Ukraine will stop Putin. But history shows that the opposite will happen. This is not a peace proposal; This is surrender.

He continued that this position contradicts the basic concept of NATO, then pointed out that NATO has reached a turning point because countries that previously took a neutral position have joined it (Finland and Sweden) – while Hungary is passive, and others. Countries are moving forward.

The ambassador also pointed out that Hungary regularly accuses Western countries of trying to interfere in the country's internal affairs, but according to Pressman, the opposite is true. This is also evidenced by the fact that Viktor Orbán visited the United States that day, where he did not meet with members of the US government. Donald Trumpball, Joe Biden On the other hand, he met a rival of the American president. In addition, Pressman noted that Orban openly supports Trump in the presidential elections, while the American people must decide who the US president is.

Regarding the future, three steps are needed – the diplomat emphasized. First of all, the Hungarian government must decide whether it wants to improve its relations with the United States. Second, concerns about security must be taken seriously and should not be used for political purposes, and third, the United States will continue to take a pragmatic approach in its relations with Hungary and will push for the political power to conduct effective discussions. The journalist explained:

How we talk about each other matters. There is room for criticism – no government is perfect, including mine. It has been one of the great strengths of the United States that we have always been willing to confront our shortcomings and discuss them openly. While the unbridled rhetoric used by the Hungarian government on state-controlled media platforms can provoke emotional reactions and inflame the voter base, spreading dangerously anti-American messages on a daily basis constitutes a political decision that risks changing Hungary's relationship with America.

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