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Prepared for a group gymnastic water polo for men and women

Prepared for a group gymnastic water polo for men and women

A lottery was held for the women’s and men’s water polo tournaments in Rotterdam on Sunday night. The Hungarian women’s team will join Russia, China, host Japan and the United States, while the men will compete with Italy, Greece, the United States, South Africa and Japan in the group stage.

Group schedule set up for the men’s and women’s water polo tournaments for the Tokyo Olympics (Photo: Dávid Madar)


After the final of the men’s Olympic qualifying tournament in Rotterdam, FINA, as usual, immediately attracted the Olympic teams. By the way, the end decided nothing in the sky, since the two teams, who had won the quota the day before, were very happy and directly fit the hangover, playing water polo, which, moreover, was drawn from the same hat in the lottery. However, Montenegro defeated the Greeks by 10-9 for worship, and for the third time – and last in chronological order – the Croats flocked to Tokyo with great difficulty (read more in our box).

They lead to the tenth

The Hungarian water polo team is also the most successful in Olympic history with nine gold medals and a total of fifteen coins. The Hungarian national team participated in twenty-two Olympic Games, and won three silver and bronze medals in addition to nine golds, meaning that they could only stand on the podium seven times when they started. True, twice in the last two Olympics, where he was fifth in both London and Rio. Our team missed the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics last time, but then the entire Hungarian delegation missed … Team members aim for the tenth gold medal in Tokyo, two members of the winning team in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, are still active Hosnyánszky Norbert and Dennis Varga It can also help.

Women’s water polo has been on the Olympic program since the 2000 Sydney Games, and the Hungarian national team did not qualify for the first time, but it will be there for the fifth time without interruption. Our country has not yet won a medal, although three times they were very close to it: after sixth in Athens, they took fourth place in Beijing, London and Rio, plus five meters, and once in overtime with a bronze medal. The goal should be to win the first Olympic medal in Hungarian women’s water polo in Tokyo – and there’s a good chance that is.

for the first time Women’s gymnastics Their group was conjured from poolside glass balls, spiced with a smaller tech bouquet. The Hungarian team, which was pulled from the third hat, came in Group Two, along with defending the United States, European champions, Russia, and two Asian teams, China and Japan. Two groups emerged of the same strength, but we can be sure of that even with focus. We have avoided the South Africans, who are still not sure of their role, and if they retreat, the Greeks could jump into the other group and completely upset the balance of power. It would probably be better to meet the winners of the group already, as they couldn’t face the quarter-finals this way. However, there will definitely be a strong opponent between the four – but in the Olympics, that’s exactly the case.

“Our draw is similar to how it was in Rio, we will meet the USA again in the group Th said Captain of the women’s national team, Judge Attila. “Whether that means good or bad then it turns out, we will have a joint training camp with us this time, where we can map them out.” They are clearly off the field, but they’re undefeated. We know the Russians well, we are not afraid of them, but I am very curious about the Japanese, and I am sure that they can cause unpleasant minutes for almost everyone, and they should not be described. China, with its former leader, will surely be a formidable opponent. So the group is balanced, but we are confident that we will continue to improve until the Olympic Games, and we will be ready for battle. “

a Men His lottery went without a gimmick in Rotterdam, where the runner-up was placed in Group A alongside world champion Italy as well as Greece, the United States, Japan and South Africa. Here the group of Hungarians is lighter in one shade, which is true even if the Russians join us in the event of a South African withdrawal. In the other six teams, there are the three South Slavic teams, not to mention the Spaniards. Australians also shouldn’t be underestimated, so only the second group Kazakhs hang out, but then they are totally them. It also encapsulates the difficult quarter-finals, but we can say the same for the women: there is no longer an easy match in the knockout phase in a row.

“I think the other group is a lot stronger, I would have been happier if one of the Slavic teams had joined our side Quotes Tamas Marks, Federal captain of the men’s national team. We are right to go first or second in this group, but it doesn’t really matter which one we get, because in the quarter-finals there will be a very tough opponent from the other branch anyway. Our group could be strengthened if Russia joined South Africa, and we’ll see how that develops. We have an invitation from the Serbs, which can provide a good preparation, but only after drawing can we put our final program together in the coming days. “

So you can plan meticulously from now on – and you have to, because the countdown has begun.

Tokyo 2020
Assembling the women’s ball channel
the group:
Australia, South Africa, Netherlands, Spain, Canada
Group B: Russia, China, Hungary, the United States, Japan

Water polo channel assembly for men
the group:
South Africa, USA, Hungary, Greece, Japan and Italy
Group B: Australia, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Montenegro

In both the women’s and men’s tournaments, four teams from the group stage advance to the quarter-finals.

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