Note I: The players took exams for ten players - the Sazabites

Note I: The players took exams for ten players – the Sazabites

On the Sunday of the 27th round of NB I football, Kisvárda played a 0-0 draw on the field with Mol Fehérvár FC, who spent 55 minutes at a disadvantage for Attila Fiola, who appeared on the bench for young Imre Szabics for the first time in this match. This is how the coaches were evaluated after the meeting.


Faheervar Mall Coach, Imre Sazapix According to an equal number of people, his team dominated the match.

“Obviously the picture of the meeting rewrote it completely. After that, the players underwent mental exams, not ten, as in the second half we not only played at a human disadvantage, but because of the high winds, it was as if he was playing football on a cliff. Kesvarda. Really down with the hat in front of the players’ performance. “

In our video, the Senior Trainer also talks about the Viola Expo.

Kisvárda coach, Sopka Attila He was also satisfied.

“In this match, we did the things we had previously discussed with the players to the fullest extent. Our defense was good, Vervar’s position was very little. We had counter chances that could have scored in the first and second half as well. I think here mainly of the SASA side net,” Which if you tried to shoot away, a goal could have been scored and the outcome of the match was completely different. However, if someone said before the meeting that we could get a point against White Castle, let’s assume it was okay. After the show and during the break, we talked to the players to stay the same. The amount of strength in defense, then tried to move more forcefully in foreplay. We had a chance to win, but in our case we can be happy with this point. “

The coach also talked about it in our video: He replaced Kamage as a substitute because he didn’t see the mentality he was expecting from him.

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Football note I
Round 27

Kissvarda – Mol Fehérvár FC 0-0
Cisvarda, Castle Garden Stadium, Behind closed gates. Led by: Pinter Cs.
Issued: Flask (35.)

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