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Peter Juhasz responded to Zoltan Lomnici, who attacked him on sovereignty issues

Peter Juhasz responded to Zoltan Lomnici, who attacked him on sovereignty issues

Yuhas came across surprising ways of managing data in the constitutional lawyer's online environment.

He came across surprising ways to manage data Peter Juhasz In the Internet environment of the government constitutional lawyer who attacked him.

Juhász was recently officially registered with the support of Kétfarkú Kutya Párt as one of the mayoral candidates of District V for the local government elections. He began gathering supporters for the launch on the petition site, which Zoltan Lomnici To your blog post Accordingly, the entire state media, from Hirado to Besti Sarakok, immediately went on the attack. the Hungarian nation He wrote that Juhasz's data collection actions pose a risk to national sovereignty, because those who signed Juhasz's petition are sharing their data with foreign organizations.

shepherd Friday video According to Lomnici's blog, the site also collects data about visitors, but the site does not warn about collecting cookies, nor does it contain a pop-up window or data protection information. However, according to Juhasz, the Alaptörvé blog also sends the generated data to US companies, but the server itself also operates in Germany.

The opposition politician also found serious flaws on the part of the CÖF, which is interesting in this case because the organization's spokesman and legal expert is Zoltán Lomnici.

Juhász did not find a window warning about cookie collection and giving formal consent to data collection here either, and said of the data management information that it does not actually inform at all what is done with the collected data. Juhac noted that this was due to shortcomings Attila Peterfalvi, He turns to the president of NAIH.

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By the way, on the CÖF website, personal data can also be entered on the platform for foreign residents, if someone wants to join the organization. Juhasz stressed that the applicant does not receive information here that the data will immediately be transferred to a “suspicious foreign company.”

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