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Parking problems: The number of cars is three times greater than the number of spaces

Parking problems: The number of cars is three times greater than the number of spaces

If anyone has ever driven a car in Tata, perhaps wanted to do something, or perhaps walked on the lake shore, they must have come across the fact that Tata is definitely not a city with free parking. It causes problems especially in the downtown area if someone wants to stop by car. Simply put, the reason is very simple: there are too many cars, and not enough parking spaces. The city is now trying to change this.

The number of cars parked in Ady Endre út reaches its peak
Photo: Vizlo / Source: 24 Hours

Tata presented it at the board meeting in February Parking lot saturation test. The survey was carried out in the streets between Május 1 út and Öreg-tó, as well as in the sections between the roundabout, Cseke-tó and Öreg-tó. Thus, among others, the Újúti and Komáromi utca blocks were excluded.

The report contains a lot of interesting data that can help you understand the cause of the problem. As written: Tata City has a population of approximately 25,000, with over 40,000 residents in its immediate sub-regional catchment area. In 2020, local residents and businesses operated nearly 11,000 cars, about 500 motorcycles, and a total of more than 3,000 large vehicles: trucks, tractor trailers and buses. Their number has now increased by about 20 percent and will continue to increase. In addition, approximately 50 thousand vehicles arrive at the settlement daily, most of which pass through it, but a small part of which arrives here for some reason. In addition, the data shows that the number of municipal parking lots in the city is just over 2,100. It is also clear from this simple basic data that the number of cars is much greater than the number of parking lots.

It is very difficult to find free parking in the surroundings of Ady Endre út and the buildings.  Finding a parking space in Tata is a real challenge.
On Eijsig Street, parked cars stand close together
Photo: Vizlo / Source: 24 Hours

– We have long talked about the need for an investigation to get a clear, objective picture of what parking is like in Tata. The city has just over two thousand parking spaces, and in addition, supermarkets also have parking lots, with which we can create space for about five thousand cars. We have now checked the saturation of two thousand municipally owned parking lots – explained City Mayor Joseph Michel, who said that the parking lots were inspected on four different days.

– During events, in the summer, and during school hours, parking lots were inspected, and based on them we have accurate data on how their saturation changes every hour, and the number of cars parked in them. Very interesting data has emerged from which we can move forward. On the one hand, we want to build parking lots, through which we want to achieve 2,500-2,800 municipal parking spaces in the city. But our investigation is ongoing, as we also need to examine how we can achieve this, and how the parking lots can be rotated. “We need to create some sort of system so everyone can find a free on-site parking spot for their needs,” the city manager added.

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