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Over a hundred applications for the title of Excellent Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences have been received استلام

According to the announcement, 70 percent of applications were submitted by universities – according to the announcement, 32 applications were received from the previous research network of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences announced its invitation on March 31 this year, which was extended until June 14 due to great interest. Several universities have applied for the competition, including Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Semmelweis University, Pécs University, Debrecen University, Szeged University, National University of Public Administration, Bannon University and Hungarian Eszter University of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

The system for qualification of research sites was developed at the initiative of the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences by the Committee of the Board of Directors in which all major disciplines were represented.

Applications will be judged by the Qualification Board and Scientific Departments of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, established at the May plenary meeting with the participation of foreign experts, chaired by Laszlo Hunyadi, a full member.

“With the establishment of an excellent research center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Academy intends to provide worthy recognition of the most prominent Hungarian research sites, a realistic perspective for emerging researchers, an objective setting for interested domestic and foreign decision-makers, and an opportunity for an audience interested in excellence in Hungarian science.”

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Excellent Research Position Qualification is valid for five years, which is the advantage of obtaining the qualification while evaluating applications for research grants announced by the Academy.

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The Hungarian Academy of Sciences has been recognizing individual scientific excellence as a Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for decades. With this qualification, the recognition of scientific excellence has extended to scientific institutions as well, in addition to research sites formerly belonging to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, currently Eötvös Loránd Research Network, university research sites can also apply for the title. Previously, in the year following the separation of the Research Network, this title could only be awarded to the former Academic Research Institutes.


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