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Outdoor International Beregszaszón – Great place, great people

Outdoor International Beregszaszón – Great place, great people

With the participation of ten painters, an international open-air exhibition called Tavaszi Beregszász – 2024 was organized in the city on the banks of the Vérke River. This morning, an exhibition of works born in the painting camp was opened in the front yard of the city’s cultural center.

“We planned to display the paintings made during the 10 days left behind in the city center, in Budapest Park,” said Edet Babjak, head of the education and culture department of the small district of Berejiszasz, host of the event. His opening remarks. “The rainy weather has foiled this plan of ours, which we have not abandoned forever. We will certainly organize the exhibition there in the near future.”

Outdoor International Beregszaszón – Great place, great people. Photo: Karpatinfo/Elimir Kovacs

The head of the department expressed his hope that the artists who participated in this meeting would have many positive experiences and bring good news to our city. Editorial Babják reported that this year they would like to organize another international air, where artists from the sister cities of Beregszász will be invited.

Hristina Pikanova, who came from the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, thanked the hosts for the warm welcome, stressing that the city of Beregsach, the surrounding settlements and the mountain range extending here create a wonderful creative atmosphere for artists. Maria Bogduso from Hajdúböszörmény reported similar motives. “Great place with great people.”

Outdoor International Beregszaszón – Great place, great people.  Photo: Karpatinfo/Elimir Kovacs
Outdoor International Beregszaszón – Great place, great people. Photo: Karpatinfo/Elimir Kovacs

These ten days must have gone by quickly. But what inspired the artists who came to us? Looking at the paintings, we can see that it is primarily the center of the city and the churches and monuments are located here. Many people have drawn the city on the Verke River from a bird's eye view.

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As regional representative Peter Huzár, director of Tanítók Háza, told our correspondent, a colorful program was organized for the participants of the creative camp. Those who were able to take part in the Beregsász walk, climbed the mountains surrounding the city, visited the Tiszacsoma Visitor Center, the Pacsirta Thermal Bath, and of course saw the Na'Conxypan Gallery.

Elimir Kovacs

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