Orban: We defended the money from the Hungarians

Orban: We defended the money from the Hungarians

Speak to Parliament on the agenda Victor Urban, Who also responded to last week’s deal in Brussels, and to talk about it, on the situation in Europe, he said Hvg.hu. The Hungarian Prime Minister said that everyone expects from the recovery fund proposed by the German presidency that the European Union will be able to deal with the UK’s loss.

According to Orban, the German proposal was to take a loan together and create a redemption fund from it.

Every penny of that loan has to be repaid and whoever cannot pay, others have to stand up instead

– He said, adding: According to him, the Hungarians were not happy with that at all.

According to Orban, the restoration fund was intended to be subject to political circumstances, and “common sense prevailed. Last weekend, we defended Hungary’s sovereignty and Hungarian money,” Orban said, then thanked Poland for his warm friendship.

According to the prime minister, the agreement is an encouraging result for Europe’s future, because it has become clear that the European Union can only succeed as a community of nations. He promised the first round of vaccines against the Coronavirus to arrive by the last days of December, and said that instead of political conflict, Hungarian interests would be given priority when purchasing the vaccine, but in the meantime he asked everyone to persevere.

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