The researchers were also surprised by what they found under the supermarket

An ancient mosaic was found in a supermarket under construction. There is a Roman site nearby, but the find still surprised researchers.

The remains of a villa and bath dating back to Roman times were found in Olney, central England, during the construction of a supermarket – BBC reports. A site of similar age was previously discovered in the city, not far from the present site.

The excavations accompanying the works were carried out by the Oxford Archaeological Company, and, according to experts, the mosaics found are of great interest. The figure is made up of red, white, and blue tiles, and the work features bright colors and interesting patterns. The researchers believe that the mosaics are also hanging under a local road, which is why they were unable to complete the excavations in full.

the National Geographic article After consulting with the authorities, Oxford Archeology did the preservation at the site. A special material was applied to the find, so construction could continue without harming the artwork

Due to the location of the site, we expected significant Roman remains, but the discovery of these wonderful mosaics far exceeded expectationssaid team member John Bothroyd. Experts plan to describe the findings in detail in a future study.

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