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Only geniuses can find all 8 bugs in the picture

Only geniuses can find all 8 bugs in the picture

  • If you loved “troubleshooting” your childhood, this puzzle is just for you.
  • Test your attention and intelligence: can you find the details that don’t fit into the seemingly perfect dining room?
  • You have to spot a total of eight mistakes in the picture – but beware, only the smartest can find them all.

The peculiarity of the work of human attention is that we first interpret the “big picture” and draw conclusions from it, since our primary goal is to interpret situations. As a result, we often overlook small details—even if they’re absolutely horrific. The puzzle below is a good example of this: At first glance, we see a seemingly perfect dining room, where it is impeccably clean, and the excited hostess is about to serve a whole, fragrant, roasted chicken.

In fact, there are several details that are not at all right in the picture – exactly eight mistakes were hidden by the clever creators of the puzzle.

To find errors, we would need an eagle’s eye and a quick wit: it is no coincidence that only superintelligent people are able to notice all eight errors. Look for details that seem completely bizarre or surreal according to the rules of rationality and the “real world.” The things that are out of place, the little things that something seems not right with them. We scan the image and continually try to compare individual details with the larger context of the image.

are you ready? can go!

Want to check your solution or find out where the wrong details are? Scroll down for the solution!




See what goes wrong, from a steam boiler with no heat, to a missing chair leg, to cream chicken! How many did you manage to find?

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source: The bright side

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