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One of Vladimir Putin’s special envoys resigned

Anatoly Chubay, Russia’s special envoy for relations with international organizations, Vladimir Putin, submitted his resignation on Wednesday. This was also confirmed on Wednesday by a 66-year-old political spokesman who was considered a liberal figure in the Moscow leadership.

The Russian economic daily RBK knows that Chubai and his wife are leaving Russia and traveling to Turkey.

According to sources who asked not to be identified, Chubayi’s resignation may be related to Russia’s operation against Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Chubai voluntarily resigned. However, Chubajs described it as a private matter if he wanted to leave the country permanently.

News agencies called it

Chubay is the highest-ranking Russian official who tendered his resignation after an operation in Ukraine that began on February 24.

The politician’s spokesman has yet to make another statement, and the politician hung up when contacted by Reuters news agency.

Chubag took over as Special Envoy in December 2020. In the 1990s, he served as Deputy Prime Minister under the late President Boris Yeltsin and Chairman of the Council of Ministers on the privatization of the economy. He later headed a liberal opposition party and ran the state technology company Rusznano.

It has been criticized in the eyes of its critics that during privatization it turned a blind eye to the fact that some businessmen acquired great fortunes while millions of Russians struggled with poverty.

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