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While mowing the grass, a snake fell from the sky, which the falcon immediately pounced on

While mowing the grass, a snake fell from the sky, which the falcon immediately pounced on

August 9, 2023 – 11:00 a.m

Peggy Jones from Texas was peacefully mowing the lawn in her yard when suddenly a snake fell on her arm from the sky. The serpent was almost immediately followed by a hawk, and the two animals were engaged in a fierce struggle—poor Jones’ arm was badly wounded in the scuffle.

According to the BBC report The snake emerged from the beak of a hawk that was flying nearby, so it might fall on the 64-year-old woman who works in the garden. Both the snake and the bird of prey, which had lost their prey, were enraged. The snake wrapped itself around her arm and bit her face, while the hawk, struggling to retrieve his dinner, gnawed at her skin with his claws and beak. Jones also suffered cuts to his arm and face.

The strange incident occurred on July 25 in Silsby, Texas. The woman told CBS that even though she tried to shake the snake off her, it wrapped itself around her arm more and more tightly, attacking her face and glasses. That’s when the hawk appeared and tried to pull the snake from the woman’s arm – with little success. The bird dug its claws into the skin of Jones and the snake several times before it was able to retrieve its prey and fly away with it. Her husband immediately took the woman to the hospital, where her wounds were treated.

Jones described the incident as “traumatic”, saying he has had trouble sleeping since then. Incidentally, it was not known to him that hawks hunted snakes in the area, he had seen them picking up reptiles from the ground several times.

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