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No more fumbling around: now you actually have to install the new Nvidia driver

No more fumbling around: now you actually have to install the new Nvidia driver

This time, Nvidia has not introduced new functionality, but old annoying bugs have been fixed by the latest hotfix driver.

08.02.2024 – Nvidia and AMD have recently developed drivers at several levels. In most cases, the main consideration was to expand game support, but we were not devoid of new functionality either. In 2023, RTX Video Supersolution arrived, and by 2024, AMD expanded its drivers with similar knowledge. Nowadays, it practically does not matter which company product we vote for, we get a similarly rich software package. Some solutions are more complex on one side and some solutions on the other.

Nvidia recently released a new driver for the 4080 Super version, but the community felt that all was not well. Many people have reported minor sticking, low FPS, and stuttering recently. The worst part is that the system produces this not only during games, but also during simple tasks like browsing. Many people started blaming Windows updates, but as it turns out, the GeForce driver can also be to blame. Fortunately, on February 8th, the company rolled out a multi-level fix.

This issue has been fixed by the latest Nvidia driver

The driver received the name Hotfix 551.46 from the developers, and it is based on the 551.23 Game Ready driver. In many cases, these updates are not even triggered by the system or GeForce Experience, but this time it may be worth installing them manually, as several annoying bugs have been fixed. The fix package will definitely provide a solution for these:

  • Many users experienced stuttering in games even with V-Sync enabled, and this no longer happens
  • Many people reported stuttering and stuttering even during simple browsing, and this has also been fixed on paper
  • In the case of Red Dead Redemption 2, these hiccups may go away
  • In the case of Immortals of Aveum, there is no need to fear system instability
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There is a good chance that the company was able to find the source of the problems after several months, as there are a lot of similarities between the phenomena. Nvidia usually releases a dedicated hotfix driver if a new Game Ready driver is not expected within the next week or two. You can download the new Nvidia driver by clicking here.

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